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Catalin GheorgheDonald Mak -> Adrian Tautan4 Cup - 學員四級 ( Hok Yuen Sae Kup )Austria 7001
Previous Wing Chun experience in different lineages – since 2001.
Also studying filipino Arnis-Eskrima since 2005.
Instructor Certificate No. 012 Home Page
Vasiliev AlexeyDonald Mak -> Anatoly Beloshchin -> Dinaev Osman6 Cup - 學員六級 ( Hok Yuen Luk Kup )BelarusGomel1717
Vasilieva GalinaDonald Mak -> Anatoly Beloshchin -> Dinaev Osman -> Vasiliev Alexey1 Cup - 學員一級 ( Hok Yuen Yat Kup )BelarusGomel2053
Cherniy VictorDonald Mak -> Anatoly Beloshchin -> Dinaev Osman -> Vasiliev Alexey1 Cup - 學員一級 ( Hok Yuen Yat Kup )BelarusGomel2133
Deborah De HonDonald MakBelgium
Although I discovered Wing Chun's beauty and efficiency in Belgium through Wang Kiu's lineage, I also realized that I wasn't evolving beyond techniques and mimic. Being able to sense my own competence in the art, thanks to DMIWCI's (IWCO) truthful and individual orientated teaching, I was able to evolve my own strengths instead of just learning practical movements. 
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Vincent VerhoevenDonald MakBelgium
I've been been practicing, reading a lot about and treating the art as a way of (my) life since 1998. "Classical Ving Tsun" in Victor Kan Wah Chit's school for three years, two years in Wang Kiu's Modern Wing Chun school in Belgium and four years the Foshan Wing Chun forms of Peng Nan's school in China. Currently I am part of the Hong Kong Wing Chun family of Donald Mak Wing Chun Institute of the Chow Tze Chuen lineage. This is the ideal school for me because of the pure, honest and genuine approach based on pure passion as the source of quality, rather than commercialism. This kind of kungfu family profile makes me better understand my own competence and how to deal with it, because my Wing Chun brothers and Sifu concentrate on evolution rather than on competition. 
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Panos AndreouDonald Mak -> Bill Reny5 Cup - 學員五級 ( Hok Yuen Ng Kup )Canada5004
Norman WhaleyDonald Mak -> Bill Reny2 Cup - 學員二級 ( Hok Yuen Yee Kup Canada5003
Darryl ChapmanDonald Mak -> Bill Reny4 Cup - 學員四級 ( Hok Yuen Sae Kup )Canada5002
Williams LeeDonald MakCanada
Bill RenyDonald Mak2 Duan - 師範二段 ( Si Fan Yee Duan)Canada5001
Instructor Certificate No. 005 
Manuel CruzDonald Mak Canada
Started Training with SiFu Donald Mak in 2000 
Burdin MaximDonald Mak -> Anatoly BeloshchinCzech Republic Prague
Czech Republic
Rene LillnndahlDonald Mak -> Morten Jorgensen6 Cup - 學員六級 ( Hok Yuen Luk Kup )Denmark 3521
Instructor Certificate No. 019 
Rene began his Wing Chun training back in 1997 with Morten Jorgensen and continued until 2000 in his previous branch. He has been on/off in other branches and reached the dummy level. Rene came back and have been completed the dummy level with Morten Jorgensen under IWCO. 
Henrik Kofod DichDonald MakDenmark
Sizionov NikitaDonald Mak -> Anatoly Beloshchin -> Bondarev Mikhail1 Cup - 學員一級 ( Hok Yuen Yat Kup )Donald Mak -> Anatoly Beloshchin -> Bondarev MikhailKaliningrad2373
Dominick HardoonDonald MakFranceParis
Lionel RoulierDonald Mak7 Cup - 學員七級 ( Hok Yuen Tsat Kup )FranceParis6001
Instructor Certificate No. 004 
Christy WongDonald MakHong KongHong Kong
IWCO Instructor
Jack ChanDonald MakHong KongHong Kong
Chi Chung NgaiDonald MakHong KongHong Kong
Keith LeeDonald MakHong KongHong Kong
Sam KwongDonald MakHong KongHong Kong
Johnny Fung Donald MakHong KongHong Kong
Ben CheungDonald MakHong KongHong Kong
Joe WongDonald MakHong KongHong Kong
Gary TamDonald MakHong KongHong Kong
Joe LamDonald Mak3 Duan - 師範三段 ( Si Fan Sam Duan )Hong KongHong Kong0003
Donald MakChow Tze Chuen9 Duan - 師傅九段 ( Si fu Kau Duan )
Hong Kong0001
Founder & Head Principal International Wing Chun Organization - IWCO 
IWCO President

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Paramonov EvgeniyDonald Mak -> Anatoly Beloshchin1 Duan - 師範一段 ( Si Fan Yat Duan )
Instructor level 3
Instructor IWCO - Israel

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