С Новым Годом!

IWCO поздравляет всех студентов с наступающим новым Годом!

Обращение Президента IWCO SiFu Donald Mak:

Dear IWCO Students,
This past year has been more a year for seed-sowing and laying the groundwork for future success as we continued to strive towards the goals we set up last year.
• Uphold the righteous spirit as martial artists to help the weak.
• Import our lineage of Wing Chun back to China.
• Spread our school to Asian countries.
• Organise world conferences of IWCO.
• Promote Chinese traditional culture.

Here are some examples of how we furthered these goals in 2019. For starters, we organised visits to elderly homes to help bring happiness to the aged. To add to singing, dancing, and magic show activities, we demonstrated our Wing Chun martial arts at these events. Secondly, we are in contact with a Wing Chun federation in a country in Western Asia. Looking to 2020, we intend to hold a Wing Chun competition jointly in that country. In addition, we plan to organize a summer camp for all IWCO students from all over the world. The location has yet to be finalized.
The organization feels proud to have students like you who have dedicated themselves to excelling in the skills of Wing Chun and contributing to the development of Chinese martial arts.
Next year is the Year of the Rat, which represents the beginning of the Chinese zodiac sign cycle. May you have a bright and prosperous 2020 filled with all good blessings.

Happy New Year!
Yours sincerely,
SiFu Donald Mak

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